Gulf of Guinea States Advised to Improve Surveillance

Countries in the Gulf of Guinea have been advised to improve surveillance capabilities and establish a common maritime security architecture.

This was contained in the recommendation of the first Parallel thematic session “MARITIME SECURITY: EVOLVING ROLES, MODELS, MISSIONS AND CAPABILITIES” of the GMSC.

The session which was moderated by the Commandant, National Defence College, Rear Admiral M. Kadiri had Chief of Naval Training and Operations, Nigerian Navy Rear Admiral Tariworio as lead speaker as well as other panellists like Admiral Joao Dos Santos Gregorio Vitor, Deputy Commander Angolan Navy, Commodore Samuel Walker, Representative of the Chief of Naval Staff, Ghana Navy and Anastatasia Kirillas, Representative of INTERPOL France, US Naval Forces Africa.

After the presentation and various comments by the panellists and the participants the session further recommended that countries to improve domain awareness and improve in sharing of intelligence amongst stakeholders.

Other recommendations include training and capacity building for relevant stakeholders involved in maritime security, Review legal frameworks and signing of bilateral MOUs to facilitate crossborder operations. Countries should also explore alternative sources of funding their armed forces outside budgetary allocation of member states to enhance the effectiveness of their response to maritime incidences. The recommendations are to be further discussed as part of the Abuja declaration.

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