Japan to continue to Contribute Capacity Building in Gulf of Guinea

Lieutenant Mori of the Japanese Navy has said that Japan would continue to contribute its quota in terms of capacity building to Nations of the Gulf of Guinea.

The representative of the Japanese Navy said that the Asian Nation would continue to promote peace and stability in the region through anti-piracy measures. He said Japan as a top donor to the IMO West and Central Africa security trust fund is also worried about many of the attacks happening in the territorial waters of coastal countries of the Gulf of Guinea and that Japan recognizes that it is important to reinforce capacity building especially of the law enforcement agencies within the region.

While stating what Japan has been doing in the region Mori said the country recently provided the Regional Maritime Science and Technology Academy in Abidjan with equipment for the purpose of reinforcement of navigation technology and maritime security capacity. He also added that Japan invited officers of Nigeria, Ghana and Gabon to training by JICA for improving control capacity maritime crimes and that Japan would continue in this light.

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