Branko Berlan

ITF accredited representative to the IMO

Branko Berlan, ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) Accredited Representative to the IMO (International Maritime Organization).

Branko has a degree in Maritime Studies, Maritime Engineer department

He was a seafarer for 15 years, finishing his seafaring career as Chief Engineer. Branko was Assistant General Secretary of the Seafarers’ Union of Croatia from 1991 until 2013. He represented seafarers of Croatia at the IMO and ILO as a delegate. Then, he joined the ITF in May 2013.

As the ITF accredited representative to the IMO, following the vision of the ITF, he says; “As we demonstrate at the IMO, the ITF has an immense voice for the seafarers in the maritime industry and I look forward to enhancing influence of the ITF in shaping the maritime policies. Our priorities will be better recognition of importance of the seafarers and their safety in the maritime industry, including appropriate training and manning. Furthermore I will pursue more constructive cooperation with governments and the industry partners.”

Further to his role of ITF Representative to the IMO, Branko also have the responsibilities;

  • To lead or provide support in any UN, Industry, ITF forum that requires maritime expertise or in matters pertaining to general welfare of seafarers, and
  • To undertake all maritime related and technical issues on behalf of the ITF.