Captain Maritime Mohd Zawawi

Director of Search and Rescue (SAR)
Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency


Captain Maritime Mohd Zawawi bin Abdullah was born on 27th April 1972. He hails from Terengganu where he had his early education. CAPT Maritime Mohd Zawawi joined the Royal Malaysia Navy (RMN) in January 1991 and underwent basic cadet training at RMN Officers Training Centre in Lumut, Perak on July 1994. He was later commissioned as Acting Sub Lieutenant in July 1996. From August 1997 until January 2006, he held various appointments such as Executive Officer Patrol Craft and Fast Attack, Supervisor at Malaysian Sea Surveillance System and Commanding Officer Patrol Craft. In February 2006, CAPT Maritime Mohd Zawawi was called upon to join the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA). His first appointment in MMEA was Commanding Officer Patrol Craft back in April 2006. Later in October 2008, he was appointed as Search and Rescue Officer at Sabah and Labuan Regional. On the 28th December 2009 he was promoted and appointed as Senior Investigation Officer at the same regional office and at the same time he was also involved in establishment of the second Sea Surveillance System located in Sabah. In 11th June 2012, he was appointed as Director of Sabah Sea Surveillance System for about a year before transferred to Malaysian Sea Surveillance System in Lumut in 2013 as a Director for four years. In 2017, he had been transferred to Sabah and Labuan Regional to hold position as a Commanding Officer in KM ARAU until present. In 1998, CAPT Mohd Zawawi furthered his study at Malaysian Technology University in Diploma of Defence Technology Transportation meanwhile in 2018; he pursued his masters at Malaysian National University in Science Social (Defense Studies). CAPT Mohd Zawawi is happily married to Madam Wan Paridah binti Wan Jaffar and blessed with three children (1 girl and 2 boys).