Captain Nathalie Daniel

French Navy

Born in Metz (Moselle) in 1971, Captain Nathalie Daniel was commissioned an Ensign in 1994 through Navy Officer Recruitment (Legal adviser and supply branch), after completing a bachelor’s degree in Law.

After the naval officers training squadron tour on the helicopter-carrier “Jeanne d’Arc”, she was appointed to FS SURCOUF as supply officer.

Between 1999 and 2002, and after a year in logistical service of the Navy at Brest, she joined the staff of the Vice Admiral, maritime prefect for the Mediterranean Sea, assigned to the Maritime Law Enforcement Department. ln charge of “Sea Hazards”, she also had to lead navigation regulations in French TTW, Oil spill containment, and emergency environment aspect involving daily relationships with Spain and Italy.

From 2002 to 2004, she has held in the local management of the Naval Supply direction in Toulon, the post of Director of human resources of an establishment with 1,000 civilian personnel (public servants, workers and contractual employees).

ln 2004, she joined the French territories of Polynesia (South Pacific) as maritime law enforcement advisor to the French High Representative. ln charge of Search and Rescue, she led navigation regulations, struggles against trafficking  and illegal fishing, and maritime international relationships with Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands during two years. She also served as a rescue mission coordinator at the Papeete MRCC.

Then from 2006 to 2010, she held the position of Assistant Chief of Civilian Personnel Office of French Naval Staff. She was in charge of the expertise of the regulation concerning restructuring operations and the implementation of the Navy HR operation of deflation in the civilian workforce during the French general revision of public policies (RGPP).

From 2010 to 2012, she, finally in a completely different field, served as gathering the chief responsibilities of the infrastructure division of the commander of the Atlantic maritime district, in an environment impacted by the reorganization of the Ministry of Defense.

ln 2012, she joined the French territories  of La Réunion (Indian Ocean) as maritime law enforcement advisor to the French High Representative.

In 2014, she was called to the Navy operational Headquarters in Paris as head of the Maritime Legal Advisor Office. During 5 years, she was in charge of all legal aspects of Navy’s operations and she led the interdepartmental working group mandated to renew the French law relative enforcement of sea (modified in May 2019).

Since the 1st of August 2019, she served as assistant to the Deputy Chief of Staff Naval operations at the Navy Headquarters in charge of state action at sea and maritime law enforcement issues for the French Navy, dealing with the French interagency coast guard organization.

Captain Daniel is married and mother of four children. She is also knight of the French “Ordre national du mérite”.