Professor, Jeffrey A. Landsman

Associate Professor
U.S. Naval War College’s

An Associate Professor at the U.S. Naval War College’s War Gaming Department, he joined the faculty in 2008. As a former Surface Warfare Officer (SWO) he attained the rank of Captain, with primary assignments aboard frigates and destroyers serving in the areas of weapons systems and shipboard operations.

He also served in future plans and current operations at naval component and fleet level commands.  Additionally, he served as the senior military and maritime advisor to the U.S Mission to the African Union.

While at the Naval War College, he is assigned as a war game director, developer, designer and analyst for a variety of naval, joint and multi-national games. His specific interests are in the areas of command and control, theater security cooperation, and furthering the employment and integration of maritime capabilities and capacity with international partners.

Additionally, as member of the college’s African Regional Studies Group, he leads the African Maritime Safety and Security elective series. Further, he leads a variety of strategic and operational level engagements promoting the enhancement maritime strategy development, implementation and implementation for African maritime nations and regions.