Rear admiral Gilles Boidevezi

In charge of International Affairs
in the French Navy Headquarters

Rear admiral Gilles Boidevezi was born 12 April 1965 in Marseille, France.

After completion of naval academy sea training in 1989, he served as air defence and electronic warfare officer on board several destroyers and was Commanding officer of diving support ship “Isard
(1993-1995). As Lieutenant commander, he was operations officer onboard ASW destroyer “La Motte-Picquet” (1997-1999).

He participated in operations in Lebanon (1989-1990), Adriatic Sea (1992-1995 & 1999) and Indian Ocean (1998).

After graduating from Joint war college (Paris) in 2002, Commander Gilles Boidevezi was Director of Naval academy sea training onboard Helicopters carrier “Jeanne d’Arc
(2002-2004), Commanding officer of frigate “Nivôse” based in La Reunion (Indian ocean) (2004-2005) and Sea combat desk officer, Defense Staff, Plans and Policy (2005-2008).

Promoted Captain in 2007, he was commanding officer of Air defence destroyer “Jean Bart” (2008-2010), then attended the French national defence institute course (2010-2011).

As OF-6, Gilles Boidevezi was Deputy Director International and Strategic Affairs, Prime Minister Office (2011-2014), Deputy commander, French Mediterranean Joint Command (CECMED) (2014-2016), Assistant deputy Chief of the Navy for Operations (2016-2017).

RADM Gilles Boidevezi was Deputy Operation Commander EUNAVFORMED SOPHIA (OF-7) in Rome from 1 July 2017 to 1 July 2018. He is now deputy chief of French Navy for international engagements.

RADM Gilles Boidevezi is Officer of the Legion of Honour and of the National Order of Merit.