Senior Captain Boniface K. Konan

Acting Director
West African Regional Centre for Maritime Safety and Security (CRESMAO)

Acting Director, West African Regional Center for Maritime Safety and Security (CRESMAO)

Senior Captain Boniface Konan is the Acting Director of the West African Regional Center for Maritime Safety and Security (CRESMAO) since September 2016. In this position, he coordinates the actions of the centers for maritime zones E, F and G for the implementation of the ECOWAS Integrated Maritime Strategy (EIMS), in the framework of the June 2013 Yaoundé summit for maritime safety and security in the Gulf of Guinea.

He held several command positions in Cote d’Ivoire including the Marine Commandos Fusiliers (1998-2009), the eastern border Lagoon Base of Adiake (2005-2009), and the Ivorian task-force of the Theater of Operations (2007-2011). He is the Navy Inspector general since 2012. He contributed in the Ivorian post-crisis reconstruction as part of the DoD team for the security sector reform.

Senior Captain Konan graduated from the Special Course of the French Naval Academy (1989), then attended the USMC Basic School, Quantico-USA (1991-1992), and the Infantry Captain Career Course, Fort Benning-USA (1999). He is a 2008 graduate in Diplomacy from the National School of Administration of Abidjan-Cote d’Ivoire. Since July 2014, he is War college graduate from the National Defense University of China.