Technology Deployment in Maritime Security: Emerging Issues

Technology deployment in maritime security operations is not new and its contributions in enhancing efforts at combating maritime crimes are widely reported.

For instance, it is greatly enhancing maritime domain awareness real time, likewise enforcement operations with respect to efficiency, safety, time and energy saving. Flowing from the successes recorded in the use of technology to stem the tide of maritime insecurity in other maritime regions of the maritime domain, there are several calls to step up efforts at deploying technology in combating maritime crimes in the Gulf of Guinea. In leveraging technology to improve maritime security in the region, the roundtable will review, based on systematic data, lessons learnt from the use of technology to combat crimes in other regions and highlight best practices, provide an overview of the current state of technology deployment in the region, including gaps and technology audit as well as show areas requiring improvement.

The roundtable will also address specific capacity building requirements, risk assessment capabilities and the role of technology in sustaining maritime security success. Taking into account the exponential rate of technological advances and the accompanying risks the roundtable will also consider emerging issues such as cyber security, blockchain technology, sustainable financing for acquisition and maintenance, as well as the design, access and control of new technological innovations like unmanned systems (drones) Artificial Intelligence (IA) and robots; in addition seek to suggest possible innovative frameworks that would help streamline their integration into the overall Command, Control, Computers, Communication, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems to for improve maritime security. With regard to improving maritime domain awareness which has been a major focus for the deployment of technology in maritime security, issues of information overload as a result of receiving data from multiple sources and in different formats, information fusion, trust and organizational culture, types of information to be shared, with whom and how, will also be discussed.

Dr. Dimitrios Dalaklis

Associate Professor, World Maritime University
Will be leading the discussion on this theme at the conference